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New Child Support Guidelines for 2019

The North Carolina Child Support Guidelines have been reviewed and revised. With this review, the Chief Judges made a few substantive revisions. These new guidelines will apply to all child support actions heard on or after January 1, 2019. So what are the changes, you ask?

One of the most practical revisions is the importance of child support orders being entered that actually reflect the parents’ ability to pay child support obligations.

Another change to the Child Support Guidelines includes voluntary unemployment. NC will no long recognize incarceration as a voluntary unemployment. Unlike previously, incarceration alone cannot be used for the establishment or modification of child support.

Additionally, the court may now require allocation of healthcare expenses exceeding $250 between both parents per child.

Additional areas addressed include Veterans Administration and Social Security. Click the link below to read the Guidelines in its entirety. If you have concerns regarding your current child support order or are intending on filing for child support, please do not hesitate to call for a consultation. Read More