MYTH #1 I can just pay my fine and I’m good to go.


If you think that you can just pay your citation online, you will be sadly mistaken. Although some traffic tickets warrant this course of action, many do not. Many citations require your presence in court on the date of your calendar call. Do your due diligence by consulting an attorney regarding your options.


MYTH #2 If I miss my court date, I can just pay my fine at a later date.


Failure to attend a calendar call for a traffic ticket could have more implications than you may think. The court will not take into account whether this failure was intentional or not. When you miss a calendar call, you are marked by the clerk with a “failure to appear”. This is more commonly known as a FTA. An FTA carries a hefty fine. $200! So if you’re traffic stop results in two charges (i.e. speeding and failure to wear a seatbelt), your citation will be assessed with a $400 fee.


MYTH #3 An Order For Arrest can’t be issued for a minor traffic violation.


Although an order for arrest for failing to attend a court date for a traffic violation may sound silly, in Iredell County, it is common practice. Once the clerk issues a failure to appear on your file, that notice is submitted to the DMV. At this point, your license can be revoked and/or an Order for Arrest may be issued.


MYTH #4 Don’t hire an attorney.


This is the biggest myth of all. Taking care of a traffic ticket may cause you to miss a day from work and even rearrange your entire schedule in order to attend. Get to a calendar call late, and you may receive a failure to appear. We will thoroughly review your driving record and use our experience to help you avoid insurance increases, license points, and unnecessary court costs. Our services are designed to get you as favorable of a result as possible!


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