Christine S. Hart

Managing Partner


I first became interested in personal injury during a judicial clerkship at the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C. This specialized court handled cases from respondents who had been injured due to adverse effects of a government issued vaccination.

Everyone listens to the doctor’s or nurse’s spiel about the negative effects of a vaccination. We see the countless infomercials regarding vaccinations and medication that has caused adverse effects. We watch numerous commercials for medication, followed by a long list of possible side effects. But normally we think of all of our friends, family members, or even the patient right before us who has received a vaccination or taken medication with no consequence. We think there’s no way that can happen to me.

Likewise with any personal injury case: we think about the one million times we’ve driven our cars to work, rode our bikes in the park, dropped our children off to school, walked to our mailbox, etc. There are countless activities that we engage in during our daily lives and don’t give a second thought to any negative effects that could occur. But life happens and when it does we tend to think of all the steps we could have done differently to avoid what just occurred: taking that alternative route, letting that aggressive driver have his/her way, picking up our child on time, leaving work earlier, etc. Although we think of what we could have done differently, we quickly realize that we cannot change the past. But what we can do is take advantage of our next steps and how to make the most of a negative situation. I am here to help you take that next step. I take pride in having the opportunity to assist you. Not by changing the past, but by using all the tools afforded and navigate your next legal process together.

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